OmniFocus Integration



An email client that allows you to create OmniFocus actions that reference emails, manually or automatically using rules.


Quickly and conveniently and capture text and then send it to OmniFocus and other destinations through the use of flexible, customizable actions.


An alternative to Apple's Calendar app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad that provides enhanced functionality, a natural language interface, and OmniFocus integration.


IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web-based service that can be used to automatically trigger the creation of OmniFocus actions based on a wide range of conditions.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro can be configured to provide quick and convenient ways to create and access OmniFocus tasks on iPhone and iPad.


An email client that combines Gmail's web interface with a slew of additional features, including integration with OmniFocus.


An email client for Mac and Windows that's speedy, customizable, and extensible. The Mac version includes native support for OmniFocus.


A polished email client for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch with a focus on email prioritization. Spark also has innovative support for teams and integration with OmniFocus.


Use Evernote to take notes and to capture action items. Then add a tag to the note and TaskClone will automatically create an OmniFocus action for each of your action items.