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Bring convenience and consistency to OmniFocus for iOS/iPadOS through the magic of Shortcuts.

ShortcutsSiri Shortcuts Icon is a technology that’s integrated into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS that provides a simple yet powerful way to automate things you do on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. By tapping into this functionality you can bring speed, convenience, and consistency to your workflows, including those that integrate with OmniFocus and complementary third-party apps.

Here are some of our favourite Shortcuts. Tap the Add Shortcut link to add these to your Shortcuts Library. You can use them as is or customize them to suit your needs.

How To Use Shortcuts with OmniFocus

If you’re a Learn OmniFocus Member, watch Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Basics if you’re new to using OmniFocus and Shortcuts or want to review the basics. And further your knowledge by watching Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts – Beyond the Basics and Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Advanced. Also check out Optimizing OmniFocus: Shortcuts & Widgets with Scotty Jackson.

Shortcuts Field Guides by MacSparky

David Sparks (aka MacSparky), who’s been a guest on Learn OmniFocus, has some excellent Shortcuts Field Guides that offer an in-depth look at both basic and advanced topics. There are three Field Guides to pick from: Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad Field Guide, Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide, and Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide (Plus Edition).

Add a Call Task To OmniFocus
Use this Shortcut to quickly add an action to call someone (optionally with some added notes) to OmniFocus. This is an example Shortcut that you can easily modify to add virtually any set action to your system.
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Add a Call Task To OmniFocus (Contacts)
When you run this Shortcut you’ll be prompted to choose someone from your Contact list. An action will be added to OmniFocus to remind you to call that person. Conveniently, their phone number(s) are automatically added to the notes field. And you can optionally add a due date.
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Create Draft for Meeting Notes
This Shortcut helps you prepare for your meetings taking place in the next 48 hours by creating a Draft to store the meeting notes and, optionally, an OmniFocus action to prompt you to prepare. The Draft is tagged “meeting” and includes a title with the date and time of the meeting, the type of meeting (chat or client session), and the subject of the meeting (taken from the calendar event). If you choose to create an OmniFocus action to prepare, the new action is automatically linked to the new Draft and due two hours before the meeting begins.
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Drive Time
Continue playing Overcast, and open an Errands perspective in OmniFocus. Featured in the Automating OmniFocus 3 with Launch Center Pro 3 video (Members Video).
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Meeting Preparation
Get the next calendar event from your calendar and use that to create a note in Drafts, then open a “Person” perspective in OmniFocus to set you up for a meeting. Featured in the Automating OmniFocus 3 with Launch Center Pro 3 video (Members Video).
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Multiple Tasks To Inbox
Quickly save multiple tasks to your OmniFocus Inbox with minimal fuss. This Shortcut prompts you to specify the tasks then uses the TaskPaper action to add them to your inbox for further processing.
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OmniFocus Action + Bear Note
When you run this Shortcut you’ll be prompted for a task/note name. A new action will be added to your OmniFocus inbox that’s linked to a new Bear note with the same name. The Bear note will also include a link back to the OmniFocus action, making it easy to jump between Bear and OmniFocus.
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OmniFocus Action + Schedule
Use this Shortcut to make time for an important action. You’ll be prompted for the name, duration, and the date/time you plan to step into action. An action will be added to your OmniFocus inbox, complete with an estimated duration. And an appointment will be added to your calendar with a link back to this action.
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OmniFocus Month Tasks
Do you have actions or projects that need to be completed on a specific day each month? This Shortcut will prompt you for the name of the task and the day of the month, then add a year’s worth of actions or projects to your OmniFocus database.
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OmniFocus Repeat Action
This Shortcut allows you to create multiple actions or projects in one fell swoop. You’ll be prompted for the name of the action, the number of repetitions, and the destination in OmniFocus. Numbers will automatically be added to the title (e.g. Read Chapter 1, Read Chapter 2, Read Chapter 3,…).
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OmniFocus Repeat From … To
Use this Shortcut to create actions between two dates. You’ll be asked to specify the start and end dates, the days of the week that you need to perform this action, the time that these actions are due, and the destination in OmniFocus. The Shortcut will take care of creating the actions or projects based on these criteria.
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Ready For Work
Create the start of a daily log-in Drafts, play your work playlist in Overcast, and open OmniFocus to the perspective of your choice. Featured in the Automating OmniFocus 3 with Launch Center Pro 3 video (Members Video).
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Review Calendar Events for Tomorrow
When you run this Shortcut you’ll be presented with a list of items that you have on your calendar for tomorrow. Check those that you need to prepare for and “Prepare for” actions for these appointments will magically appear in your OmniFocus Inbox.
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Trigger List Tasks to OmniFocus
Use this Shortcut to help you think of important tasks that you need to add to OmniFocus.
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Trip To Calendar & OmniFocus
Are you going on a trip? This Shortcut will add the trip to your calendar and create an OmniFocus project to help you prepare. This is intended as a basis to use create your own TaskPaper templates with variables in Shortcuts.
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