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Hookmark for macOS makes it possible to link your OmniFocus projects and actions to almost anything, including files, folders, notes, websites, and emails. Having what you need within easy reach accelerates the process of getting things done.

App Description

When working on the projects and actions that you manage in OmniFocus, it’s important to have easy access to all of the project support material that you need to get your work done. This project support material might include notes from meetings and brainstorming sessions, information received by email, documents stored within folders on your Mac, links to websites, and more. Having this information at your fingertips encourages focused, productive work. Conversely, if there’s too much friction between your defined work and the resources that you need to get your work done, it’s all too easy to go off on tangents.

What is Hookmark?

At its core, Hookmark for macOS (formerly Hook for macOS) connects apps together. It makes it convenient and practical to seamlessly use multiple apps in tandem by providing a simple, yet robust way to create “hooks” (links) between related items. For example, if you had an OmniFocus project to file your income taxes, you could hook this project to a folder in Finder that contains your receipts, the contact information for your accountant in Contacts, and notes that you’ve taken about your taxes in Notes. With these hooks in place, you can seamlessly switch between the OmniFocus project and the related support material.

Example 1: Hooking OmniFocus and Notes

To give you an idea of how this works in practice, this short video shows how Hookmark can be used to create a bi-directional link between an OmniFocus project and notes about the project. The objective of this example project is to “Choose Flight Training School”. There’s a note in the Notes app that contains ideas, a checklist, and research related to the project. Switching between the two is as simple as invoking Hookmark  then pressing the (Return/Enter) key.

Example 2: Hooking Note to NEW OmniFocus Task

You might also have situations where you have notes about something, but nothing in OmniFocus to move it forward. For example, the following video shows how you can take an idea (“Build a Bird Feeder”) and create an OmniFocus project to bring this project to fruition. Along the way, a bi-directional “hook” is created between the note in Notes and the new project in OmniFocus.

More Examples

Hookmark is prominently featured in our content, most notably in the Learn OmniFocus Resources listed below.

Other Resources

Visit the Hookmark website to learn more about using Hook. Content includes a comprehensive Help facility, video tutorials, and a page dedicated to Using Hookmark with OmniFocus.

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