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Quickly and conveniently and capture text and then send it to OmniFocus and other destinations through the use of flexible, customizable actions.

App Description

Drafts is a note-taking app that supports highly-customizable actions. It provides a convenient way to capture text, whether it’s an idea that pops into your head or a book recommendation that comes up in conversation. The focus is on recording the information, without concern for where this information will ultimately reside.

Capture and Apply Actions on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Text that you capture in Drafts is synced across all of your devices and can be processed by applying “actions”.

For example, once configured you could create an OmniFocus task with the first line of the task becoming the title and the remaining text being added to the notes field. Alternatively, multiple OmniFocus actions could be created from a single draft if you use an action that instructs Drafts to treat each line as a separate task.

There’s an extensive library of actions in the Drafts Actions Directory, including many that work with OmniFocus. If you’re a Drafts Pro subscriber you can modify existing actions and create your own from scratch.

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Creating and Storing TaskPaper Templates

Drafts is also a great app to use when writing in TaskPaper. In a nutshell, TaskPaper is a text-based way of defining projects and actions. Drafts provides syntax formatting to make this text easier to read. And when TaskPaper text is sent from Drafts to OmniFocus, OmniFocus creates projects and actions, applying the appropriate settings for things like due dates, defer dates, and flags. This, combined with actions, makes Drafts a great place to store OmniFocus project templates.

Using Drafts for Project Support

Drafts can also be a convenient place to keep notes about your OmniFocus actions and projects. Each Draft has a unique URL, making it easy to link an OmniFocus task to a specific Draft. You can also store OmniFocus links in Drafts, making it quick and convenient to access the OmniFocus projects, actions, action groups, perspectives, or tags associated with the Draft.

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