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TaskClone automates the process of adding Evernote, OneNote and Notion tasks to OmniFocus.

App Description

When taking notes in Evernote, OneNote and Notion, it’s convenient to add tasks related to follow-up actions you identify. It can be tedious to add these tasks to OmniFocus manually. And it’s possible these tasks will get lost in the shuffle if you forget to review your notes.

You can use TaskClone to automatically add tasks to OmniFocus. You can configure TaskClone to specify where you want it to look for tasks and can choose whether you want some or all tasks to be sent to OmniFocus.

Behind the scenes, TaskClone creates actions in OmniFocus by sending emails to the OmniFocus Mail Drop address that is included with the Omni Groupā€™s free Omni Sync Server service. TaskClone automatically includes a link back to the note containing the tasks for easy access.

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Other Resources

For more information on configuring and using TaskClone, visit theĀ Evernote to OmniFocus Integration - SetupĀ support page on TaskClone's website.