OmniFocus Setapp Directory

Setapp is a collection of 240+ apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. When you subscribe to Setapp, you get full access to this impressive collection.

The Setapp collection includes numerous productivity apps that integrate with or complement OmniFocus. Some allow you to take a deep dive into project planning and content creation, and others add a touch of convenience that help you make productive use of OmniFocus’ impressive features.

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Setapp Apps That Complement OmniFocus

Here are some of the Setapp apps we’ve featured (or plan to feature) on Learn OmniFocus.  Some of these apps are featured in our Using OmniFocus with Setapp course. We’ll continue to add to this list as the Setapp collection grows.

BetterTouch Tool Icon

BetterTouchTool — A remarkably flexible and powerful tool that allows you to customize and automate your Mac in many ways. In addition to allowing you to make good use of your Touch Bar (e.g. to trigger functionality in OmniFocus), you can use Better Touch Tool to rearrange your windows, turn your Caps Lock key into a “hyper key” and much more.

BusyCal – If you’ve outgrown the features of Apple’s Calendar app, BusyCal is worth a look. To ensure you’re making time for your most important tasks, drag OmniFocus projects, action groups, actions, and tags into BusyCal to block off some time to get them done. Conveniently, BusyCal automatically adds a link back to the OmniFocus task.

BusyContacts Icon

BusyContacts – BusyMac, the developer of BusyContacts, also has a macOS contacts app that includes features and customization options beyond what’s available in Apple’s Contacts app. For example, you can create a link to a contact and use this link to provide one-click access to this contact from OmniFocus. Quick access to information adds convenience and limits friction.

Craft Icon

Craft – Craft is a meticulously-designed note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and the web. It’s well integrated with OmniFocus and is a great place for reference information and project support notes, whether you’re using it individually or as part of a team.

Due Icon

Due — A thoughtfully-designed app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that nags you when you have a time-sensitive task to perform. Maybe you need to take some medication, check-in for your flight, or make a timely phone call. Due tasks can include OmniFocus links so that you can easily jump over to OmniFocus when the time comes.

Expressions Icon

Expressions – When searching for things in OmniFocus you can use regular expressions to help you hone in on exactly what you’re looking for. Expressions is helpful for understanding the syntax of regular expressions. You can put these regular expressions to good use by copying and pasting them into the search field in OmniFocus.

Hookmark – You can use Hookmark for Mac to conveniently link (or “hook”) your OmniFocus projects and actions to almost anything, including files, folders, notes, websites, and emails. It’s just as quick and easy to call upon these resources when needed. This ease of access helps accelerate your progress when you’re getting things done.

MindNode Icon

MindNode – An outstanding mind mapping app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Among other things, it’s helpful for developing an idea into something actionable. MindNode Plus (included with Setapp) has a rich feature set, including a feature that allows you to add tasks to nodes. These tasks can easily be transformed into OmniFocus actions using the built-in OmniFocus integration.

Paletro Icon

Paletro — Not fond of remembering keyboard shortcuts? Paletro provides a convenient way to tap into features in OmniFocus (and your other Mac apps). Just press the keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘P by default) and start typing to narrow in on the feature you’re looking for.  It will even surface OmniFocus plug-ins and custom perspectives.

Session Icon

Session —  This thoughtfully designed Pomodoro timer app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad helps you to manage and monitor your focused work. Calendar integration helps ensure that time blocked off for focused work lines up with the actual work that’s performed. To further encourage focus, you can even block distracting apps and websites on the Mac.

TaskPaper Icon

TaskPaper – OmniFocus can import and export projects and actions defined by the text-based TaskPaper format. TaskPaper is kind of like Markdown for tasks. The TaskPaper app allows you to work with TaskPaper projects and actions and can be a handy place to create and edit TaskPaper text. Among other things, you can use this TaskPaper text in Shortcuts.

Timing for Mac Icon

Timing – Do you ever wonder where all the time went? Timing monitors your Mac activities, including which apps you use, which documents you open and what websites you frequent, and produces detailed reports based on your activities. You can use this data to make strategic decisions that improve your productivity setup and workflows.

Ulysses Icon

Ulysses – This outstanding writing app can be used to write everything from short blog posts to epic novels. Ulysses’ support for links (URLs) makes it easy to link an OmniFocus action (e.g. “Edit blog post”) to a specific “sheet” in Ulysses. Similarly, you can link your Ulysses manuscripts to OmniFocus projects, actions, and more.

Workspaces Icons

Workspaces – You’re likely most productive when you focus your efforts on a specific project or area of life for a period of time before moving on to something else. The Workspaces app encourages focused, intentional work by allowing you to assemble groups of resources. These resources can include links to OmniFocus actions, projects, tags and perspectives.

Setapp in the OmniFocus App Directory

We’ve featured many of these apps on Learn OmniFocus and are in the process of adding these Setapp gems to our OmniFocus App Directory. App Directory pages include more information on how to use the app with OmniFocus and links to Learn OmniFocus content and other resources to help you put the highlighted app to good use.

Craft is a meticulously-designed note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and Web. It's well integrated with OmniFocus and is a great place for reference information and project support notes, whether you're using it individually or as part of a team.
Hookmark for macOS makes it possible to link your OmniFocus projects and actions to almost anything, including files, folders, notes, websites, and emails. Having what you need within easy reach accelerates the process of getting things done.
Allows you to create visual outlines of your ideas and responsibilities. Useful when designing your system and for planning projects.