Omni Group Resources

The Omni Group provides excellent resources to help you get the most out of OmniFocus.

OmniFocus is developed, sold, and supported by The Omni Group (aka Omni). This Seattle-based company has been developing productivity software for years and has a talented team passionate about producing meticulously crafted apps.

Here are some of the resources that Omni provides to help you make productive use of OmniFocus.

OmniFocus 4 - Help Menu

Help Menu — The Help menu in OmniFocus for Mac is a good place to start. Most notably, selecting OmniFocus Help will open the built-in manual. This is also a convenient place to access OmniFocus News and Release Notes. If you need help from the Omni Group’s outstanding “Support Ninjas,” select Contact Omni to drop them a line.

OmniFocus Apps — Download OmniFocus for Mac from Omni’s website or the Mac App Store and put the Standard and Pro features through their paces. Similarly, OmniFocus is available on the App Store. Your OmniFocus license or subscription can be used on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision, and Apple Watch.

The Omni Show – Omni has an excellent podcast called The Omni Show to help you, in their words, “Connect with the amazing community surrounding the Omni Group’s award-winning products.” Guests include Learn OmniFocus Founder, Tim Stringer.

Inside OmniFocus — This website showcases OmniFocus-related workflows and tools and is a natural complement to Learn OmniFocus. The Working With OmniFocus section documents a wide range of OmniFocus workflows. And the Tools & Services area shows how OmniFocus pairs well with other services and tools.

OmniFocus Videos — Omni has a large and growing collection of videos that cover features of Mac and iOS versions of OmniFocus, stories of OmniFocus in the Field and recordings of talks from past events.

OmniFocus Manuals — Omni provides excellent manuals for OmniFocus and its other apps. Visit the Omni Group’s Manuals page to access the latest version of the manuals for all of Omni’s apps.

OmniFocus Support — The Omni Group has a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent support. The OmniFocus Support page contains contact information, support articles and answers to frequently asked questions about OmniFocus.

Omni Group Forums — The Omni Group hosts active user forums for troubleshooting issues and sharing suggestions, with a section dedicated to OmniFocus. Among other things, this can be a great place to get advice on OmniFocus setups and workflows. If you have feature requests, it’s best to email them to the Omni Group by choosing Help > Contact Omni (Mac) or Settings > Contact Omni (iPhone, iPad). Requests made through the forums don’t tend to get logged.

Omni Group Slack Workspace — If you want more real-time discussions than the forums provide, consider requesting to Join the Omni Group Slack Workspace. Frequent contributors include members of the Omni Group team, including CEO, Ken Case.

OmniFocus for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts — To maximize your efficiency, it’s worth getting to know OmniFocus’ keyboard shortcuts. The following graphic (click to enlarge) shows the keyboard shortcuts for OmniFocus 2 for Mac. This guide is equally useful in later versions of OmniFocus for Mac. Change “contexts” to “tags,” and you’re good to go!