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Allows you to create visual outlines of your ideas and responsibilities. Useful when designing your system and planning projects.

App Description

MindNodeĀ is a mind-mapping app, with versions for Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch). Mind maps are essential visual representations of ideas. Your mind map starts with a central idea or thought and then expands as you elaborate on this theme. You can conveniently reshape your mind map as you establish structure and your mind map can be viewed as an outline within the app or imported into an outlining app such asĀ OmniOutliner once you’re ready to delve into implementation.

Consider using MindNode as the starting point for new projects and to create a mind map of your Areas of Responsibility (in GTD speak) as described in this article. It’s recommended that youĀ review and update this mind map regularly to help ensure that each area of your life gets the appropriate amount of attention. This mind map can also be very useful when structuring OmniFocus, whether you’re settingĀ OmniFocus up for scratch or revamping your system. Additionally, it can be useful to mind map your contexts in preparation for configuring or restructuring OmniFocus as outlined in this article.