2014-10-18 – Creating Structure in OmniFocus

Clarify why you’re using OmniFocus and learn how to structure your setup for ease, focus and efficiency.

This is legacy content created for OmniFocus 2. You’ll find new and updated content in our Content Library.

Whether you’re just getting started with OmniFocus or are revamping your current setup, it’s worth clarifying what purpose OmniFocus serves and creating a convenient and consistent structure that mirrors your multi-faceted life.

Topics featured in this session include:

  • Determining how OmniFocus fits into your productivity system
  • Designing your system at a conceptual level using mind maps
  • Organizing projects into folders
  • Creating Parallel, Sequel and Single Action projects
  • Consistently naming projects
  • And more…

Learn OmniFocus References

The following articles and videos were referenced during the session and provide additional information on the material presented.


Best Practice: Make OmniFocus a Sacred Space
Foundation: Mind Mapping Your Responsibilities
Creating Structure in OmniFocus
Foundation: Mind Mapping Your Contexts


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