2014-10-25 – Capturing & Processing into OmniFocus

Learn how to quickly and conveniently capture into OmniFocus and best practices for processing what you’ve captured.

There are a multitude of ways of getting things into OmniFocus on both Mac and iOS. This session focuses on some specific techniques for conveniently and efficiently capturing into OmniFocus, including some methods that involve the use of third party apps and services. It’s also important to develop a practice around processing your inbox regularly, such that your OmniFocus system is useful and relevant. The session covers both best practices and convenient techniques for processing what you’ve collected into your OmniFocus structure.

Session Overview

Topics featured in this session include:

  • Using Quick Capture to capture into OmniFocus for Mac
  • Using the “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” OS X Service to create actions that reference Mac OS Mail messages, websites, documents and more
  • Using the Clip-o-Tron 3001 plugin for Mac OS Mail to create actions based on emails
  • Creating OmniFocus actions that reference Evernote notes
  • Using TaskClone to automatically create OmniFocus actions based on checkboxes in Evernote notes
  • Creating OmniFocus actions using Siri
  • Creating OmniFocus actions using Drafts for iOS
  • Creating OmniFocus actions using the iOS 8 Sharing Extension
  • Creating OmniFocus actions using the Dispatch mail client for iOS
  • Emailing actions into OmniFocus from any platform
  • Processing the OmniFocus Inbox
  • Assigning multiple contexts to OmniFocus actions, with some help from TextExpander
  • And more…

Recommended Prerequistes

It’s recommend that you attend or watch a recording of the Creating Structure in OmniFocus session before viewing this session. A basic understanding of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) is also an asset.

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