Using OmniFocus Note Links on iOS

Including links in the note field can help encourage action. Learn quick and convenient ways to create and make use of links in OmniFocus for iOS.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS

Using links in the note field is the same in OmniFocus 3 for iOS as it was in OmniFocus 2 for iOS.

When creating a new task using the system-wide Sharing Extension you’ll have the opportunity to specify a tag. Note that you can only specify one tag using the Share Extension. You will need to use OmniFocus to add additional tags.

When adding items to OmniFocus it can be helpful to include one or more links in the note field. The more convenient it is to take action, the more likely you are to check off items on your list. Conversely, if there’s a lot of friction, you may find yourself procrastinating.

It may not be immediately obvious how links work on iOS. For example, you may be want to open a link, but find yourself unexpectedly ending up in edit mode. Watch this video and gain a clear understanding of how links are created and triggered. You’ll learn:

  • How to create actions containing links using the system-wide Share Extension that comes with OmniFocus.
  • How to edit links stored in the note field of OmniFocus actions.
  • How to open links stored in the note field of OmniFocus actions.
  • A variety of actions that can be performed on links stored in the note field.

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