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Platforms: Mac

Keyboard Maestro

Use Keyboard Maestro to quickly access OmniFocus features and perspectives through global hot keys and to tap into OmniFocus' AppleScript support.

App Description

Keyboard Maestro has an extensive library of “actions” that can be triggered in a wide variety of ways. Actions can be as simple as switching to an app or opening a file, but can also include conditional logic (e.g. launch OmniFocus if it isn’t currently running) and long sequences of actions.

These actions are commonly triggered by keyboard hot keys, but Keyboard Maestro also supports a wide variety of other triggers. For example, an action can be triggered by plugging in a USB device, by connecting to a wireless network or even by typing some text. Additionally, actions can be configured to be performed periodically or at specific times.

Keyboard Maestro can make it very convenient to get toĀ OmniFocus feature and perspectives. For example, pressing a global hot key of ^āŒ„āŒ˜ 1Ā could automatically launch OmniFocus, if it’s not already running, and switch to the Inbox. And a global hotkey of ^āŒ„āŒ˜ O could give you convenient access toĀ OmniFocus’ Quick Open feature. Keyboard Maestro can also run AppleScript code, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for automated workflows.

Keyboard Maestro Trial and Discount

Stairways Software, the creators of Keyboard Maestro,Ā have kindly offered a 20% discount to everyone in the Learn OmniFocus community. Enter the coupon code LOF20 when purchasing Keyboard Maestro to apply the discount. You can also download and test drive Keyboard MaestroĀ before purchasing.

Keyboard Maestro Macros for OmniFocus

To help you get started, download these Keyboard Maestro Macros for OmniFocus. Most macros reference built-in perspectives and features and will work without any additional modification, but a few (e.g. Jump to Important, Search Available and Search Remaining) rely on custom perspectives.Ā For more information on creating custom perspectives watch theĀ Custom Perspectives with OmniFocus for Mac (Pro)Ā video.

Please note that it will be necessary to remap the hot keys contained within these macros if they conflict with other hotkeys youā€™re using. These macros are provided without warranty and are not guaranteed to work in future versions of OmniFocus.

Other Resources

  • Keyboard Maestro Field Guide ā€” David Sparks has an excellentĀ Keyboard Maestro Field GuideĀ that will help you get the most out of Keyboard Maestro. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of Keyboard Maestro and is a great resource for both new and seasoned Keyboard Maestro users.
  • UsingĀ OmniFocusĀ ā€” Kourosh Dini shared a Keyboard Maestro macro toĀ Quickly Access and Hide Features using Keyboard Maestro. While the macro will work without modification, you may want to make some adjustments. For example, you can customize the size of the expanded and minimized windows.