2021-11-10 – OmniFocus Workflows with Mike Burke

OmniFocus aficionado, Mike Burke shares how he uses OmniFocus and complementary apps to bring an intentional and efficient flow to his life and work.

Mike Burke

Mike has years of experience teaching high school science and a passion for teaching about the benefits and practical applications of technology. His career path has led him to the corporate world, where he’s currently serving as a senior technical trainer.

Mike took us on a tour of his OmniFocus setup and workflows, highlighting how he’s making effective use of automation technologies. Most notably, he puts Drafts, Keyboard Maestro, and Hazel to exceptionally good use.


Mike Burke’s Blog – Check out Mike Burke’s blog to get a taste of the innovative ways that he’s using OmniFocus. Recent topics include Managing Emailed Tasks With OmniFocus and his Morning Coffee Macro.

Mike Burke’s YouTube Channel – Mike also has an excellent YouTube channel that includes a growing collection of OmniFocus-related content.

Drafts Actions – Many of the Drafts actions that Mike featured can be found in the Drafts Action Directory.

Brain Dump to OmniFocus – Mike shared how he uses Drafts to methodically perform a brain dump and how he creates OmniFocus actions based on a curated version of this capture. Details on how Mike configured and uses “Move Brain Dump to OmniFocus” can be found on Mike’s blog and the Drafts Community.

Productivity Books – Mike shared some of his favourite productivity books, including The 4-Hour Workweek, Getting Things Done, The Checklist Manifesto, and The Power of Habit.

Productivity Podcasts – Mike’s favourite technology and productivity podcasts include Automators, CortexFocused, and Nested Folders.

Learn OmniFocus Courses – You can learn more about the topics covered in this session by taking the Using OmniFocus with Drafts, OmniFocus and the Calendar, and Linking OmniFocus: Beyond Task Management courses on Learn OmniFocus.

About Mike Burke

In his own words, Mike likes to “create new things and solve cool problems.” And he loves being able to help others do the same. Mike’s particularly interested in the gamification of learning and ways to effectively manage teams to create change. Technology is at the heart of his problem-solving strategies.

Mike lives with his wife and son in Bel Air, Maryland, which is about 50 kilometres (30 miles) northeast of Baltimore.

You can follow Mike Burke on Twitter at @hearmikeburke.

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