2022-03-16 – OmniFocus Workflows with Kaitlin Salzke

OmniFocus aficionado Kaitlin Salzke joined us from Australia to share how she’s making productive use of OmniFocus across all areas of her life and work.

Kaitlin Salzke

Kaitlin is an accountant, computer science student, and mum to an energetic one-year-old. She makes extensive use of OmniFocus to manage everything from laundry to tax returns.

If you frequent ​the Omni Group User Forums and Slack Workspace, you’ve very likely seen Kaitlin’s posts. She has a well-deserved reputation for providing thoughtful advice to fellow OmniFocus users and has been actively involved in testing and providing feedback on OmniFocus 4 since early 2021.

Kaitlin has fully embraced Omni Automation and generously shares a growing library of OmniFocus Plug-Ins. We continue to feature her plug-ins in our courses and in the OmniFocus Plug-In Directory and very much appreciate her contributions.

During this session, Kaitlin takes us on a tour of her OmniFocus setup and workflows, highlighting her innovative use of OmniFocus and the many ways that she’s using automation to streamline her life and work. Central to this setup is a dashboard of six perspectives that are simultaneously displayed with some help from Keyboard Maestro.

Custom OmniFocus Plug-Ins

If you’d like to extend OmniFocus’ capabilities but don’t want to learn the intricacies of plug-in development, consider getting in touch with Kaitlin to learn more about her Custom OmniFocus Plug-In service.

About Kaitlin Salzke

Kaitlin and her family live in Wagga Wagga, Australia: a city of about 70,000 people located roughly halfway between Melbourne and Sydney.

She’s a fan of technology, Venn diagrams and flow charts and enjoys learning about new things (even tax law). She’s also fascinated by languages and linguistics and is particularly drawn to all things Spain and Spanish.

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