Integrating OmniFocus and MindNode on Mac & iOS

Learn how to use MindNode’s built-in OmniFocus integration to go from idea to implementation on both Mac and iOS.

MindNode is a popular mind mapping application for Mac and iOS that’s a natural complement to OmniFocus. It’s a very handy app for capturing and adding structure to ideas, whether you’re working on a personal project or working with a team of people.

Once the ideas have been clarified and structured using MindNode, OmniFocus can be used to bring them to fruition. Conveniently, MindNode has direct integration with OmniFocus, making it convenient to transition from planning to action.

Watch this video and learn how to create OmniFocus actions based on information stored within a MindNode document on both Mac and iOS. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to add task circles to some or all nodes within in MindNode mind map.
  • How to export some or all elements of a mind map from MindNode to OmniFocus.
  • How to transform imported MindNode data into one or more OmniFocus projects.
  • And more…

This video also includes best practices, including what belongs in MindNode and what is better managed through OmniFocus and suggestions on how to make effective use of imported MindNode data.

More Applications of MindNode

Visit the MindNode page in our App Directory to learn more about MindNode and to discover more ways to use MindNode in concert with OmniFocus.

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