Using Siri with OmniFocus on iOS 11

Learn how to use Siri to quickly and conveniently capture actions, create projects and access information stored in OmniFocus.

Starting with iOS 11, you can use Siri to interact directly with OmniFocus. You can perform a variety of operations, including creating actions, adding projects, marking items complete and searching.

Learning the Basics

Watch this video and learn some of the ways that you can interact with OmniFocus using Siri, including:

  • How to create single actions.
  • How to create repeating actions.
  • How to create projects.
  • How to add actions to a specific project.
  • How to add actions to a specific context.
  • How to display the contents of contexts and projects.
  • Best practices for processing things that you capture using Siri.

Advanced Siri Interactions

Look for tutorials covering more advanced Siri interactions. For example, it’s possible to create a project that includes an action using a single Siri command.

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