Using OmniFocus Outlines to See the Big Picture

At its core, OmniFocus is an outlining tool. Learn how to use OmniFocus’ outlining capabilities to see the big picture.

OmniFocus 3

Collapsing and expanding in OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS works exactly the same way as it did in OmniFocus 2. Note that contexts are now called tags and OmniFocus 3 tasks can have multiple tags.

Coming face-to-face with long lists of actions can be daunting and can encourage procrastination. Making good use of OmniFocus’ outlining capabilities can make long lists much easier to bear. By collapsing outlines you can step back and see the scope of your work, and then selectively drill down as you review your list and take action.

Watch this video and learn how to master OmniFocus’ outlining capabilities. You’ll learn:

  • How collapsing outlines can help you see the bigger picture.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Mac) you can use to quickly and conveniently expand and collapse outlines.
  • Handy techniques for expanding and collapsing items in the sidebar.
  • A quick and convenient way to collapse and expand the outline on iOS.


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