Sharing OmniFocus Actions with Other People

Even though OmniFocus is a personal task manager, there may be times when you want to share OmniFocus actions with others.

OmniFocus 3

You can use OmniFocus 3 for iOS to share actions with other people, just as you did with OmniFocus 2 for iOS. As before, recipients can add OmniFocus actions to OmniFocus for Mac and iOS by clicking the Add to OmniFocus button that’s automatically included in the email.

There may be instances when you have too much on your plate and want to delegate specific OmniFocus actions to other people. Fortunately, OmniFocus for iOS allows you to share OmniFocus actions with anyone via email.

If the recipient is using OmniFocus, they can add the action to their existing system, making changes and additions as they see fit. If the recipient isn’t using OmniFocus, they’ll still have access to the key details associated with the action in the body of the email message.

This video will show you how the process works. You’ll learn:

  • How to share an action with anyone using OmniFocus for iOS.
  • How recipients can add actions to their OmniFocus database on iOS.
  • How recipients can add actions to their OmniFocus database on macOS.
  • What happens if the recipient’s setup doesn’t contain the project and/or context specified in the action.

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