Creating OmniFocus Actions from Voicemails

Finding it difficult to manage voicemails? Learn how to transform voicemails into OmniFocus actions.

This is legacy content created for OmniFocus 2. You’ll find new and updated content in our Content Library.

Voicemails that people leave you on your iPhone may contain time-sensitive information or requests, so it’s important to have a system in place to take necessary action.

In this video, we look at a quick and convenient way to create OmniFocus actions based on voicemails. You’ll learn:

  • How to create OmniFocus actions that contain voicemail recordings.
  • How to add transcripts of voicemails to your OmniFocus actions (requires an iPhone 6s or later).
  • How to play voicemails from within OmniFocus.
  • A strategy to help ensure that your voicemails are processed regularly and not forgotten.

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