Customizing the Layout in OmniFocus for Mac

Outlines can now be viewed using either the Fluid or Custom Columns layout.

In OmniFocus 2.3 for Mac, the Omni Group introduced new preferences that allow you to specify how your projects, groups and actions are displayed within the outline area. The new Custom Column layout gives you the option to display more items on screen and can be especially useful when working with longer lists.

In this video we’ll look at what customizations are available and how they can be applied in both the Standard and Pro editions of OmniFocus for Mac. You’ll learn:

  • How to switch between Fluid and Custom Columns using the new Layout tab in the Preferences dialog.
  • How to specify what columns are displayed in the Custom Columns layout.
  • How to customize the layout of specific perspectives (Pro Edition)
  • How to customize the layout of the Quick Entry window (Pro Edition)

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