What’s New in OmniFocus 2.7 for iOS

OmniFocus 2.7 for iOS introduces powerful new features that leverage new functionality in iOS 9 and watchOS 2.

OmniFocus 2.7 for iOS is a significant update that takes advantage of new features in iOS 9 and watchOS 2. This video introduces the major new features that are available on all iOS devices, such as the ability to search your OmniFocus database using Spotlight, as well as new functionality that is only available on the iPad, specifically Slide Over and Split View. Slide Over requires at least an iPad Air or an iPad mini 2 and you’ll need at least an iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro to take advantage of Split View.

omnifocus-apple-watch-complicationThis release also includes a new version of the OmniFocus for Apple Watch app, that has been completely rewritten to take advantage of significant new functionality that was introduced in watchOS 2. The first thing you’ll likely notice is that OmniFocus for Apple Watch is much faster. It’s now a native watch app, so it doesn’t need to constantly communicate with your iPhone. To help ensure that you don’t forget about OmniFocus as you go through the day, you can now display OmniFocus on watch faces using large or small complications.

Watch this video and learn how to:

  • Search your OmniFocus database using Spotlight.
  • Create multiple OmniFocus actions by copying and pasting lists from other apps.
  • Capture actions to your OmniFocus Inbox using Siri and Reminders.
  • Conveniently access OmniFocus using Slide Over while running other apps on your iPad. Please note that Slide Over requires at least an  iPad Air or iPad mini 2.
  • Use Split View to share your iPad’s screen with other Split View-compatible apps. Please note that the Split View feature requires at least an iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro.
  • Customize Apple Watch complications and glances using OmniFocus for iPhone.
  • Display small and large OmniFocus complications on your Apple Watch.
  • Create new OmniFocus actions using your Apple Watch

Additional Resources

Visit the Release Notes page on the Omni Group’s website for more information on this and other releases. Also, check out their Multitask with Omni and iOS 9 for more information on iOS 9 and watchOS 2 functionality.

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