Efficient iOS Capture into OmniFocus using Drafts 4

Your iPhone and iPad can be transformed into highly efficient capture devices with some help from the Drafts app from Agile Tortoise.

This is legacy content created for OmniFocus 2. Visit the Drafts page in the OmniFocus App Directory for new and updated content.

The first step in David Allen’s Getting Things Done, or GTD, approach to productivity is Capture. This step involves collecting what has your attention and putting it into a trusted system for later processing. One key to mastering this step is to make capture as convenient as possible. If capturing into your system is cumbersome, the tendency will be to try to keep track of things in your head, which doesn’t tend to work too well.

This video features an outstanding iOS app from Agile Tortoise called Drafts. Among other things, Drafts allows you to quickly and conveniently capture what has your attention in your OmniFocus inbox. Watch this video and learn:

  • How to use the built-in Share action to create an OmniFocus action based on a Draft.
  • How to configure Drafts to automatically trash drafts once they’ve been processed.
  • How to add actions from the extensive Actions Directory.
  • How to use the “OmniFocus” action to create an action in OmniFocus.
  • How to use the “OmniFocus via Reminders” action to transform a single draft into multiple OmniFocus actions.
  • How to create a new Drafts action that uses OmniFocus Mail Drop feature (included with the Omni Group’s free Sync Server) to quickly and conveniently add a draft to OmniFocus.
  • How to customize the keys that appear above the regular keyboard to add an “OF” (OmniFocus) key that triggers an action.
  • Best practices for configuring Drafts and sharing your drafts and configurations between your iOS devices.

While this video focuses on getting things into OmniFocus, what you learn can also be applied to other app integrations, such as Evernote.

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