Complete & Await Reply with OmniFocus Mac (Pro)

Mark an action complete and create a “Waiting” action with a single click using this AppleScript from Curt Clifton.

OmniFocus 3

The Complete & Await Reply AppleScript continues to work in OmniFocus 3. The instructions for installing and making use of it are essentially the same in OmniFocus 3 as they were in OmniFocus 2.

This and other carefully-selected AppleScripts can be found in our OmniFocus AppleScript Directory.

One of the features that is included inĀ the Pro edition of OmniFocus 2 for Mac is AppleScript support. AppleScript is a scripting language that is built into Mac OS that makes it possible to create automated workflows that involveĀ one or more apps. Ā The good news is that youĀ can easily take advantage of the AppleScript functionality that OmniFocus offers without having to write a line of code.

This video focuses on the Complete & Await Reply AppleScript that wasĀ written by Curt Clifton, a software developerĀ at the Omni Group. This script is useful in instances where you want to automatically create a “Waiting” action after marking an action complete. You’ll learn:

  • How to install the “Complete & Await Reply” AppleScript.
  • How to this script to theĀ OmniFocus toolbar for easy access.
  • How to use this script.
  • How to view and edit existing scripts.

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