2016-06-22 – OmniFocus: Beyond the Basics

This session picks up where Start Smart with OmniFocus leaves off and introduces features and workflows that bring enhanced efficiency and convenience to OmniFocus for Mac and iOS.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac

This session was recorded usingĀ OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Most of the best practices presented apply equally well toĀ OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

Join us LIVE on August 14, 2019 (10-11am PDT) for OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics. This updated session will include new features that were introduced with OmniFocus 3, including tags, advanced perspectives, and flexible repeats. It will also be available as a recording by August 21, 2019.

This session, combined with Start Smart with OmniFocus, covers almost all of OmniFocusā€™ features and settings and introduces best practices and power user tricks that will support you in making effective and efficient use of OmniFocus across all of your Apple devices.

Please note: As indicated below, some of the features that are showcased in this session require theĀ Pro EditionĀ of OmniFocus for Mac and iOS. More information is available on theĀ Omni Groupā€™s website.

Session Overview

Topics featured in this session include:

  • Efficient Ways to Get Things In and Out of OmniFocus:
    • How to make efficientĀ use of the Quick Entry feature inĀ OmniFocus for Mac.
    • Fast and convenient ways to create new actions on the Mac that reference Mail messages, web pages, files and more using the system-wide ā€œOmniFocus 2: Send to Inboxā€ Service.
    • How to use OmniFocusā€™ integrated Share Sheet extension to easily create OmniFocusĀ actions usingĀ iOS apps, including Safari and Maps.
    • How to configure and use your iPhone and iPad to capture actions using Siri.
    • A variety of ways to get information in and out of OmniFocus for Mac, including techniques for moving information between OmniOutliner and OmniFocus.
  • Efficient Ways to Process OmniFocus Items:
    • Quick and convenient ways to specify and calculate dates on the Mac.
    • How to make batch changes to groups of actions on the Mac.
    • Advanced techniques for conveniently creating and customizing projects and groups on the Mac.
  • How to Conveniently Access Key Projects and Actions:
    • How to make effective use of the Today view on Mac and iOS.
    • How to maintain focus and avoid distractions by using the Focus feature in OmniFocus for Mac (Pro).
    • How to create and edit a variety of different perspectives on Mac and iOS (Pro).
    • How to associate contexts with a specific location (e.g. Pacific Centre Apple Store in Vancouver) or a search (e.g. ā€œApple Storeā€) using your iPhone and iPad.
  • How to Fine-Tune Your OmniFocus Setup:
    • How to fine-tune your OmniFocus settings on Mac and iOS.
    • How to customize the layout of the home screen on your iPhone and iPad.
    • How to use OmniFocus notifications effectively on the Mac and iOS.
  • Advanced Topics:
    • How to use the OmniFocus for Mac Forecast perspective to changeĀ due and defer dates.
    • How to include referenced or attached files inĀ OmniFocus actions.
    • How to open twoĀ OmniFocus windows in full screen mode on a Mac.
    • How to install and use AppleScripts withĀ OmniFocus for Mac (Pro)
    • How to improve efficiency using a Bluetooth keyboard andĀ OmniFocus for iPad.
    • How to make use of the split screenĀ feature that is available on newerĀ iPads.
  • And moreā€¦

Recommended Prerequistes

OmniFocus was designed with David Allenā€™s Getting Things Done (GTD) approach to productivity in mind. To get maximum value from this session, it will help to have at least a basic understanding of GTD. Visit ourĀ Getting Things DoneĀ® (GTDĀ®) Resources pageĀ for a list of resources, including some short videos that provide a quick and succinct introduction to GTD concepts.

It’s also recommended that you watch theĀ recording of the Start Smart withĀ OmniFocusĀ session, whether you’re new toĀ OmniFocus or an experienced user. In addition to showcasingĀ OmniFocus’ features on Mac, iOS and Apple Watch, this session provides a review of best practices and recommended conventions.

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