2014-11-29 – Stepping Into Action with OmniFocus 2

Learn how to use OmniFocus to stay focused and productive as you go through the day.

This is legacy content created for OmniFocus 2. You’ll find new and updated content in our Content Library.

By thoughtfully configuring and populating OmniFocus, you’ll be well equipped to effectively use your time and energy when stepping into action. This session is all about homing in on the most relevant actions based on factors such as what part of your life you’re focused on, where you are, who you’re with and your energy levels.

Session Overview

Topics featured in this session include:

  • Starting your day by identifying key projects and actions.
  • Wrapping up your day by triaging remaining actions to a future date and time.
  • Making effective use of contexts as you go through your day.
  • Applying multiples contexts to actions.
  • Keeping your list of available actions relevant and timely using OmniFocus’ defer feature.
  • Establishing routines through the use of OmniFocus’ repeat feature.
  • Keeping track of what you’re waiting for.
  • Staying focused by hiding all projects and actions that fall outside of the specific area(s) you’re focused on (Pro Edition).
  • Creating a wide variety of perspectives to help you quickly home in on relevant actions based on your circumstances (Pro Edition).
  • And more…

Recommended Prerequisites

It’s recommended that you watch a recording of the Creating Structure in OmniFocus and Capturing & Processing Into OmniFocus sessions before watching this session. A basic understanding of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) is also an asset.

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