OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics

Drag and Drop on iPhone

It’s now possible to drag an email from the Mail app to OmniFocus on the iPhone:

  1. Tap and hold on the email that you want to turn into an OmniFocus action.
  2. While holding your finger down, move your finger until the email appears in a floating window.
  3. If you want to turn more than one email into an action, tap on additional emails with your other hand to add them to the floating window. A number will appear indicating how many emails are in the stack.
  4. While still holding your finger down, use your other hand to navigate to the location in OmniFocus where you want to create the action(s) (e.g. the Inbox).
  5. Release your finger to create action(s) at the current location in OmniFocus.
  6. Rename these new action(s) so that the action(s) are clear (e.g. “Respond to John’s feedback”) and add fill in the additional fields (e.g. add a tag of “email”) as needed.