Ten Ways to Use Advanced Perspectives in OmniFocus 3


One of my favourite additions to OmniFocus 3 for iOS is Advanced Perspectives. They provide a wide range of ways to tap into your OmniFocus database. For example, you can use custom perspectives to quickly pull up a list of your active projects and to identify actions that you forgot to tag.

To help you make good use of this new functionality, I added a Custom Perspectives for OmniFocus 3 page to Learn OmniFocus. It currently showcases ten ways in which these upgraded custom perspectives can be put to good use. And I’m planning to add more examples in the coming weeks.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS - Custom Perspectives

Note that you’ll need the Pro upgrade to tap into this functionality. And you can only make use of these perspectives on iOS for now. The good news is that OmniFocus 3 is coming to the Mac in September (and sooner if you’re willing to help test). Perspectives you create on iOS will also work on OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

Make Them Your Own

I encourage you to use these perspectives as a starting point and to make them your own. Choose a name, colour and icon that’s meaningful and adjust the Presentation settings, as needed, so that the information is presented in a useful way.

You’ll be able to use some of these perspectives without modification. Others refer to specific tags and folders and will need to be modified to match your setup.

More OmniFocus 3 Perspective Icons

If you’re creating a custom perspective and none of the built-in perspectives fit the bill, check out this excellent (and free) collection of Perspectives Icons for OmniFocus 3 that Josh Hughes has generously shared with the OmniFocus community. The page that hosts the icons includes a video with instructions on how to use the icons in your custom perspectives.

Stay Tuned for More

Be sure to bookmark the Custom Perspectives for OmniFocus 3 page and check back soon for more examples.

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