2018-12-12 – Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Basics

Learn how to add ease, efficiency, and accuracy to your OmniFocus workflows using Siri Shortcuts for iOS.

This session, led by automation expert Rose Orchard, will help you master the basics of automating OmniFocus using Siri Shortcuts, a system-level service and app that was introduced in iOS 12. No prior knowledge is assumed, so it’s a great session to attend whether you’re just getting started with iOS automation or if you want to revisit the basics.

Session Overview

Watch this session and learn techniques and best practices for:

  • Quickly and easily accessing both built-in and custom OmniFocus perspectives using Siri.
  • Basic principles that will help you make effective use of the Siri Shortcuts app.
  • The basics of TaskPaper, a text-based format for articulating projects and actions that’s supported by OmniFocus on both Mac and iOS.
  • How to create a Siri Shortcut that includes OmniFocus-specific actions.
  • How to install existing Siri Shortcuts that can be used to automate common OmniFocus activities.
  • How to make simple changes to existing Siri Shortcuts and customize them to match your specific use cases.
  • And more…

All of the Siri Shortcuts that were demoed in the session are available for download in our Siri Shortcuts Directory. You can use the Shortcuts unmodified or as a starting point for your own automations.

Additional Resources

  • TaskPaper — To learn more about the TaskPaper format visit the Omni Group’s OmniFocus TaskPaper Reference Guide.
  • Drafts Actions for TaskPaper — You can install the Drafts actions that Rose showcased in the session by going to the OF TaskPaper page on your iPhone or iPad and tapping on the Install button. These actions make creating TaskPaper-based actions and projects quicker and more convenient are helpful when learning the TaskPaper syntax.
  • Siri Shortcuts Video Field Guide — To learn more about Siri Shortcuts check out the Siri Shortcuts Video Field Guide by David Sparks. David was also recently a guest on Learn OmniFocus and, among other things, he talked about how he’s making extensive use of Siri Shortcuts to bring ease and efficiency to OmniFocus.

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