September 8 Webinar: Travelling with OmniFocus


Travelling-wiith-OmniFocus-300x300Staying productive while on the road tends to be challenging at the best of times. Travel by nature is unpredictable and can mean adjusting to new climates, cultures and time zones and working in distracted environments. Productive routines you’ve established at home can easily go out the window.

This webinar provides practical advise to support you in using OmniFocus to bring a productive flow to your upcoming travels, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure (or perhaps a combination of the two) to a neighbouring town or a far off land.

September 8, 2016: Two Times Available

To accommodate members all over the world, I’ll be leading this webinar twice onThursday, September 8: from 10-11am PDT (that’s 1-2pm in New York, 6-7pm in London and 7-8pm in Paris) and from 3-4pm PDT (that’s 6-7pm in New York, 11pm-midnight in London; and September 9 from 8-9am in Sydney and 10-11am in Auckland).

An Interactive Experience

During the webinar you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and share insights using the chat box and audio/video conferencing. You’re welcome to join the webinar 15 minutes before the start time to familiarize yourself with the online meeting technology we’re using and for an informal chat with other participants. The webinar will remain active for 15 minutes after the completion time for additional questions and sharing.

Open to All Members

These webinars are available exclusively to Learn OmniFocus Members and are limited to 50 participants. Register early to be guaranteed a spot.

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