Using OmniFocus with Asana

How We Use Asana at Learn OmniFocus

We use Asana to manage our collaborative work at Learn OmniFocus, including the development and maintenance of the Learn OmniFocus website. During the course, you’ll learn about some of the ways that we’re making productive use of Asana internally.

Asana Certified Pro

This course is taught by Learn OmniFocus Founder, Tim Stringer.

Asana Partner - Tim Stringer

Tim has been using Asana since 2011 and was one of the first people in the world to become an Asana Certified Pro (now Asana Partner) when Asana launched this program in 2018. He has provided Asana consulting and training to a wide variety of organizations over the years, ranging from small startups to large universities.

Visit the Technically Simple website to learn more about Tim Stringer’s Asana Consulting and Training services.