About Tim Stringer

Tim Stringer is a veteran of the technology industry, a professionally trained coach and a recognized productivity expert.

Learn OmniFocus Founder, Tim Stringer discovered David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology in 2008 while facing Stage 4 cancer. The deep lessons from his healing journey and his new perspective on life and productivity have taken him down a very fulfilling and productive path.

Tim is a called-upon public speaker and was interviewed by David Allen as part of the David Allen Company’s “In Conversation” series on GTD Connect. He also had the honour of starring in the Omni Group’s first Customer Stories video and of giving a talk on his Holistic Productivity™ approach to productivity at the Omni Group’s OmniFocus Setup event in San Francisco and has been a guest on the Omni Group’s podcast, The Omni Show.

Education and Corporate Life

Tim graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems stream) and worked as a software engineer for six years before moving into management roles. While working in the corporate world, Tim managed teams of engineers, oversaw projects involving over 200 people and worked closely with members of quality assurance, sales and marketing teams. His corporate experience includes eight years at Corel Corporation’s offices in Ottawa, Canada and Dublin, Ireland.

Technically Simple

Tim founded his consulting company, Technically Simple, in 2003. As a productivity coach and consultant, he works with individuals and organizations to become more efficient and productive. This includes working with clients to develop organizational strategies and workflows, providing advice on productivity software and teaching people to use technology effectively.

Health and Balance

Tim believes that a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a key component of productivity. He has an in-depth knowledge of Eastern health and wellness practices and has been enthusiastically teaching yoga and meditation since 1999.