January 12 Webinar: Practical Focus with OmniFocus


January 12 Webinar: Practical Focus with OmniFocusMany have referred to the times that we live in as the “age of distraction”. We’re inundated by media, communications and notifications. In any given moment, we may find ourselves faced with a dizzying array of projects and tasks to focus on. Without a strategy to deal with the deluge, our default tendency is to procrastinate and to venture onto unproductive paths.

Practical Focus with OmniFocus emphasizes the value of developing skills around focused work and provides practical guidance for using OmniFocus to identify a specific project or action to focus on. We’ll look at how to stay on task during focused sessions, with some help from OmniFocus and complementary apps and services for Mac, iOS and Apple Watch.

This LIVE, interactive webinar takes place on Thursday, January 12 from 12-1pm Pacific Time. That’s 2-3pm in Chicago, 3-4pm in New York, 8-9pm in London, 9-10pm in Paris; and January 13 from 7-8am in Sydney and 9-10am in Auckland. 

It’s available exclusively to Learn OmniFocus Members and limited to 50 participants. Register early to be guaranteed a spot.

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