Introducing OmniFocus 3 for iOS

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This major release brings new capabilities that add efficiency and convenience to managing projects and tasks. Most notably, OmniFocus 3 for iOS introduces support for multiple tags and ushers in major enhancements to custom perspectives, repeats, and notifications.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS also introduces a wide range of user interface enhancements, including a new multi-pane mode, a customizable inspector, batch editing, and an interleaved Forecast perspective. And it feels right at home on iOS 11, thanks to some thoughtful visual enhancements.

Take a Video Tour

I put together a video to help make your transition toĀ OmniFocus 3 for iOS as seamless as possible, and to support you in taking full advantage of all that’s new. Check out the OmniFocus 3 for iOS video page for a more detailed description of what’s included in this video.

More OmniFocus 3 Videos and Live Sessions

We have additional videos in the works that take a deeper dive into OmniFocus 3 features and best practices.

And be sure to check out the recording ofĀ OmniFocus Workflows with Rose Orchard (FREE). In this session, Rose took us on a tour of herĀ OmniFocus setup and workflows, showcasing the power ofĀ OmniFocus 3 for iOS in concert with iOS automation apps, including Workflow and Drafts.

If you’re a LearnĀ OmniFocus Member, you can join us forĀ Tapping Into the Power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS onĀ June 27 (10-11am Pacific Time), or watch a recording afterwards. Also, consider joining us for one of the upcoming LearnĀ OmniFocus Office Hours sessions. These are video-conferenced sessions in a small group (maximum ten people) that give you the opportunity to meet otherĀ OmniFocus users (including yours truly) and to get advise on yourĀ OmniFocus setup and workflows.

Not a member yet? You can join here. Our memberships come with a 30-day money back guarantee and we offer an educational discount.

Kudos to the Omni Group

As a former software developer and development/project manager, I know that creating quality software is not an easy process. I appreciate all of the time, energy, and inspiration that was poured into this new release. The Omni Group is a company that sweats the details, and it shows.

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