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Learn OmniFocus is the culmination of my own experiences with OmniFocus and insights I’ve gained while working with a worldwide audience.

Where it all began…

For the past few years I’ve worked as an OmniFocus Coach & Consultant and have had the privilege of supporting people all over the world in living fulfilling and productive lives with some help from OmniFocus. My diverse group of clients spans North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia and includes artists, athletes, administrators, consultants, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and leaders of corporations and non-profit organizations.

Despite their varied backgrounds and cultural mix, I’ve noticed that the challenges that many of my clients face are surprisingly consistent. All experience moments of overwhelm and are motivated to learn new strategies and tools to not only survive, but thrive in our modern world. And there’s a common need to get into the habit of setting aside time for reflection. A structured approach to this introspection, with OmniFocus being used to track the process can make a profound difference personally and professionally.

Why Learn OmniFocus?

Inspired by my own experiences coupled with the success I’ve witnessed in the lives of my clients, I set out to create Learn OmniFocus. I felt the timing was right to bring everything I’ve learned to a wider audience with the intention of supporting people in learning to use OmniFocus as an integral component to living fulfilling and productive lives.

Becoming familiar with OmniFocus’ feature set is an important first step, and this is only the beginning. Fundamentally OmniFocus is a tool that is only truly useful if it contains data that is easily accessible and an accurate reflection of life. When I work with a client for the first time we typically put OmniFocus to the side as I invite them to share insights on their life and to get clear what it is that actually needs to be managed. These insights are key to designing an OmniFocus setup that works.

Seeding the Growth

Right from the home page I emphasize three important practices: Create a Foundation, Cultivate New Habits and Fine-Tune Your Setup. The keyword is practice. As is the case with any tool, it’s important to become proficient with OmniFocus and to develop a regular habit of using it in order for it to make a difference. Once the fundamentals have been established, there are many ways to become more efficient at using OmniFocus, some involving complementary apps and services.

I’ve seeded the OmniFocus library with a collection articles that illustrate some of the best practices and processes that I’ve shared with my clients over the years and videos to acquaint you with some key functionality from OmniFocus’ rich feature set.

Some of the content is freely available to everyone and some is only available to Learn OmniFocus Members. Memberships are our primary source of income and help us keep the lights on as we continue to create content and develop new services. Whether you choose to become a Learn OmniFocus Member or not, I hope that Learn OmniFocus proves to be a life enriching service.

The Best is Yet to Come

I have big plans for Learn OmniFocus that include adding articles and videos regularly, theme-based posts on the blog and Learn OmniFocus LIVE, a series of interactive webinars that cover a wide range of topics. If there’s a topic you’d like covered in an article, video or webinar please drop us a line. These requests are appreciated and will be used to help guide the development of new services and features on Learn OmniFocus.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this project so far. And a special thanks to the Omni Group for the commitment to quality they continue to demonstrate through the products they release.

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus

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