Using OmniFocus with Launch Center Pro for iOS

Launch Center Pro can make it quick and convenient to create and access OmniFocus tasks.

2024-04-03 Update – Launch Center Pro hasn’t been updated since 2020 and may not be supported in current versions of OmniFocus and iOS.

The Launch Center Pro app for iPhone and iPad allows you to quickly and conveniently create new OmniFocus actions and access information stored in OmniFocus with just a few taps. In this video, we’ll walk through creating typical Launch Center Pro actions. You’ll learn:

  • How to create Launch Center Pro actions that create OmniFocus actions based on a list of pre-defined tasks.
  • How to automatically include the clipboard contents in the title and notes fields of OmniFocus actions.
  • How to create one-tap access to frequently used Custom Perspectives (the Pro version of OmniFocus is required to create these perspectives).

New to Launch Center Pro?

If you’ve never used Launch Center Pro before, you may want to take some time to learn the basics before watching this video. Here are some resources to help you get up to speed with Launch Center Pro:

Launch Center Pro – OmniFocus URLs

Here are the URLs that go with the Launch Center Pro actions created in this tutorial. They may be useful as a starting point for creating your own actions.

New Action
omnifocus:///add?name=[list:New Action|Blank=|Create Project=Create Project: |Email=Email: |Phone=Phone: |Read=Read: |Research=Research: ]

New – Clip Name
omnifocus:///add?name=[list:New Action|Blank=|Create Project=Create Project: |Email=Email: |Phone=Phone: |Read=Read: |Research=Research: ][clipboard]

New – Clip Note
omnifocus:///add?name=[list:New Action|Blank=|Create Project=Create Project: |Email=Email: |Phone=Phone: |Read=Read: |Research=Research: ]&note=[clipboard]



Phone Calls
omnifocus:///perspective/{{Phone Calls}}


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