Capture Mail with OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron

Use the OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron Mail plugin to create actions based on emails in Mail (macOS 10.12 or earlier).

OmniFocus 3 + macOS 10.13

If you’re using OmniFocus 3 or macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later, it’s no longer necessary to use the OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron. Read the Omni Group’s support article for more information.

The OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron is a free add-on to the Mac OS Mail app that allows you to create OmniFocus actions that reference Mail messages. In OmniFocus 1 this plugin was bundled with the app, but due to App Store restrictions, the Omni Group needed to provided this a separate download for OmniFocus 2 for Mac. You’ll learn:

  • How to download and install the Clip-o-Tron 3001 Mail plugin.
  • How to configure a shortcut key for the “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” Service.
  • How to create OmniFocus actions based on emails in the Mac OS Mail app.

Even if the Clip-o-Tron plugin isn’t installed, it’s possible to create an action based on selected text in an email using the “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” Service. This same approach can be applied to selected text in other apps, such as Safari and Preview, and to create an action that references a file or folder in the Finder. We cover this topic in detail in the Capturing into OmniFocus 2 for Mac video (available to Learn OmniFocus Members).

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