Forecast View Magic in OmniFocus 2 for Mac

The Forecast feature in OmniFocus 2 provides a convenient way of seeing what’s coming down the pipe.

OmniFocus 3

The Forecast perspective works essentially the same way in OmniFocus 3 as it did in OmniFocus 2.

In OmniFocus 3 you can designate one of your tags as a Forecast Tag (e.g. “Today” or “Next”). Available items that have been tagged with this Forecast Tag will show up under Today in the Forecast perspective.

The Forecast view essentially provides you with a radar for your projects, groups and actions. It gives you a convenient way of seeing what’s coming down the pipe and helps ensure that you allow sufficient time for everything that needs to be done so that you don’t become overcommitted. You’ll learn:

  • How to view all due and overdue items in your OmniFocus database.
  • How to view due items for a specific date.
  • How to view a list of due items spanning continuous and non-continuous dates.
  • How to view deferred items in the forecast view.
  • How to change defer and due dates through drag and drop.
  • How to display some or all of your calendars in the Forecast view.
  • How to display deferred items for a specific area of life (requires OmniFocus 2 for Mac Pro Edition).

To help ensure that you’re using due dates effectively, it’s recommended that you read the Best Practice: Use Due Dates Sparingly article here on Learn OmniFocus.

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