2019-02-20 – OmniFocus 3 Workflows with Scotty Jackson

Scotty Jackson shares his OmniFocus setup and workflows, that draw upon many years of experience with GTD and OmniFocus.

Scotty is a long-time student of David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to productivity and has been using OmniFocus since the beginning. He has a disciplined and thoughtful approach to project and task management that he applies both to personal areas of life and to his corporate endeavours.

Session Overview

Scotty took us on a tour of his OmniFocus setup and workflows and shared details on how he’s using OmniFocus alongside other productivity apps.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • How Scotty uses folders, tags, and flags.
  • How he uses defer dates to keep lists manageable.
  • Creative ways that Scotty is using custom perspectives.
  • Motivations and strategies for performing effective weekly reviews.
  • How he uses Siri Shortcuts to automatically create OmniFocus actions based on meeting notes captured in Agenda.
  • And more…

About Scotty Jackson

Scotty Jackson - Learn OmniFocusScotty has worked in a variety of technology-related roles and currently supports a development team that builds and maintains corporate intranet websites. He works to help digitally enable teams through the introduction of tools, processes, and practices.

His day job is balanced with being a husband and father to three children, including a four-year-old and nine-year-old twins.


Here are links to some of the things that Scotty referenced:

  • Scotty’s Blog — You’ll find a wealth of information, including plenty of OmniFocus-related posts, on Scotty’s blog.
  • GTD Weekly Review Checklist — The David Allen Company provides the GTD Weekly Review Checklist in PDF format. For links to other GTD resources, check out our Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Resources page.
  • Meeting Processor Shortcut for Agendas — Scotty takes meeting notes in Agenda. After the meeting he uses a Siri Shortcut called Meeting Processor to add actionable items to OmniFocus and to email meeting notes. Please note that you’ll need the paid upgrade to Agenda to make use of this Shortcut.

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