2018-06-27 – Tapping Into the Power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS

OmniFocus 3 for iOS is a landmark release that opens up a wide array of workflow possibilities. Learn how to make productive use of this new functionality.

This session is all about making effective use of OmniFocus 3 on the iPhone and iPad. It’s an opportunity to learn about the new features and about best practices for using them most effectively.

Tapping Into the Power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS

What You’ll Learn

Topics covered in this live session include:

  • Changes to the OmniFocus user interface, including enhancements to the sidebar and inspector.
  • The many ways that tags can be used to help you home in on the actions that are most relevant.
  • Enhancements to the Forecast perspective, including how the Forecast Tag can mitigate the need to use arbitrary defer or due dates.
  • How to create advanced perspectives that make your workflows more efficient and convenient.
  • How to make optimal use of the flexible repeat feature.
  • How and when to use custom notifications.
  • How to bulk edit actions.
  • How to use OmniFocus 2 for Mac alongside OmniFocus 3 for iOS.
  • And more…

Additional Learning

To learn more about tapping into the power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS check out:

  • OmniFocus 3 for iOS: Mastering the Inspector — In this in-depth video you’ll learn how to make optimal use of the inspector. You’ll also learn how to customize the inspector based on the features that you use most frequently. While we’ll focus on the iPad, most of what you learn will apply to the iPhone as well.
  • OmniFocus Workflows with Rose Orchard  — Rose Orchard takes us on a tour of her OmniFocus setup and shows us how she’s tapping into the power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS to manage her multifaceted life.

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