2018-06-27 – Tapping Into the Power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS

OmniFocus 3 for iOS is a landmark release that opens up a wide array of workflow possibilities. Learn how to make productive use of this new functionality.

This session is all about making effective use of OmniFocus 3 on the iPhone and iPad. Itā€™s an opportunity to learn about the new features and about best practices for using them most effectively.

Tapping Into the Power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS

What Youā€™ll Learn

Topics covered in this live session include:

  • Changes to theĀ OmniFocus user interface, including enhancements to the sidebar and inspector.
  • The many ways that tags can be used to help you home in on the actions that are most relevant.
  • Enhancements to the Forecast perspective, including how the Forecast Tag can mitigate the need to use arbitrary defer or due dates.
  • How to create advanced perspectives that make your workflows more efficient and convenient.
  • How to make optimal use of the flexible repeat feature.
  • How and when to use custom notifications.
  • How to bulk edit actions.
  • How to useĀ OmniFocus 2 for Mac alongsideĀ OmniFocus 3 for iOS.
  • And moreā€¦

Additional Learning

To learn more about tapping into the power ofĀ OmniFocus 3 for iOS check out:

  • OmniFocus 3 for iOS: Mastering the Inspector ā€” In this in-depth video youā€™ll learn how to make optimal use of the inspector. Youā€™ll also learn how to customize the inspector based on the features that you use most frequently. While weā€™ll focus on the iPad, most of what you learn will apply to the iPhone as well.
  • OmniFocus Workflows with Rose OrchardĀ  ā€” Rose Orchard takes us on a tour of her OmniFocus setup and shows us how she’s tapping into the power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS to manage her multifaceted life.

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