2016-01-28 – OmniFocus Workflows with Shawn Blanc

A behind the scenes look at Shawn Blanc’s productivity system and how he uses pen & paper alongside OmniFocus.

Shawn Blanc on Learn OmniFocus LIVEShawn Blanc took centre stage on Learn OmniFocus LIVE to talk about the work he’s doing and how he’s using OmniFocus and other tools to stay on track. He talks about the importance of “meaningful productivity” and how he’s beenĀ able to dramatically simplify hisĀ OmniFocus setup over the years. Shawn also talks about the important role that good old-fashioned pen and paper plays in his system and touches on how he handles interactions with his team.

Session Notes Page

Links to mostĀ of what Shawn referenced during the session are available on theĀ Notes From Learn OmniFocus WebinarĀ page on shawnblanc.net.

About Shawn Blanc

Shawn is a multitalented individual who specializes in design, technology and productivity. He began writing atĀ shawnblanc.netĀ in 2007 and in 2011 quit his day job in the design industry to pursue writing on a full-time basis.

Shawn many achievements include theĀ The Focus Course, an in-depth course meticulously researched and designed in support of ā€œthose who want to get better at how they spend their time and energy.ā€ He also recently teamed up with Productivityist, Mike Vardy to develop theĀ Awareness Building Class, ā€œa 5-session audio class to help you stop guessing and start goingā€.

Additional endeavours include two highly popular technology websites (Tools & ToysĀ andĀ The Sweet Setup) and two podcasts (The Weekly BrieflyĀ and his daily, members-only podcast,Ā Shawn Today). Heā€™s also the author ofĀ Delight is in the Details, an audio book, eBook, and interview series for ā€œpeople who make thingsā€ and recently launchedĀ Day One In Depth, a beautifully crafted guide to using the popular Day One app for Mac and iOS.

Shawn lives in Kansas City with his wife Anna and their two amazing sons, Noah and Giovanni and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


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