2015-03-14 – Taming Email with OmniFocus

Use OmniFocus in combination with third-party apps and services to effectively and efficiently manage your email

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When asked to share their biggest productivity challenges, people often include email management at the top of the list. Email has the potential to be a convenient and productive communication medium, but more often, it becomes a source of stress that leads to wasted hours. In this session, we’ll look at best practices and practical workflows that use OmniFocus and third-party apps and services to help you tame your inbox.

Sponsored by SaneBox – Free Trial + $20 Credit

This session was sponsored by SaneBox, a web-based service that works on top of your email account to prioritize important emails. SaneBox also has many other features, including the ability to track responses and snooze non-urgent emails.


Watch the session to learn more about Sanebox (42:04)…then click learnomnifocus.com/go/sanebox to try SaneBox for 14 days and to receive a $20 credit (new subscribers only). Thanks to SaneBox’s generous sponsorship, a recording of this session is being made available to everyone free of charge.

Session Overview

Topics featured in this session include:

  • Recommendations for dealing with high volumes of email
  • Best practices for composing and replying to emails
  • Creating OmniFocus actions based on emails using the OS X Mail app in combination with the “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” Service and the OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron plug-in
  • Third-party email clients for Mac with OmniFocus integration, including Airmail 2, Postbox and MailPlane 3
  • Creating actions based on Outlook 2011 emails, calendar events and contacts using Outlook 2011 to OmniFocus script by Veritrope
  • Using the Mac utility Hazel to create OmniFocus actions based on PDF attachments. See the Create OmniFocus Tasks with Applescript blog post by David Sparks for additional information.
  • An overview and practical applications of the Mail Drop to Inbox feature of the Omni Sync Server
  • Automating the creation of OmniFocus actions using the IFTTT (If This Then That) service
  • Using the SaneBox service to automatically filter the inbox, to track responses to emails and defer emails to a future date
  • Reducing email volume and improving efficiency by using Asana for project management
  • Efficient email processing on iOS using Dispatch for iPhone
  • And more…

Recommended Reading

  • MacSparky Email Field Guide — A comprehensive guide to email on Mac and iOS written by David Sparks (aka MacSparky). In his own words: “This book tackles your over-stuffed inbox. The Email Field Guide covers both why email has become such a problem for everyone and how to manage it more effectively.”
    iBooks Store ]
  • Getting Things Done, 2nd Edition — The second edition of the internationally popular “manual” for David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach. Forecasted availability is March 17, 2015.
    iBooks Store ]

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