OmniFocus 3.1 for iOS Adds Support for iOS 12


Apple released iOS 12 and watchOS 5 earlier today and, true to form, the OmniGroup have already released an update to OmniFocus 3 for iOS that takes advantage of new iOS 12 features.

This new release also helps set the stage for OmniFocus 3.0 for Mac, which is slated for release next Monday (September 24, 2018).

Here’s what’s new in OmniFocus 3.1 for iOS:

  • Siri Shortcuts – OmniFocus now has support for Siri Shortcuts. Siri will track your interactions with OmniFocus and make specific recommendations based on your usage patterns. Look for these suggestions on the lock screen, in Spotlight searches, and in the Siri Settings.
  • Apple Watch – Some Siri Shortcuts can also appear in the Siri watch face on your Apple Watch. Specifically, you can mark repeating actions complete, view a projects with due dates, and view tags that have been assigned a location.
  • Handoff – OmniFocus 3.1 for iOS can hand off your current activity to OmniFocus 3.0 for Mac to help make transitioning between your macOS and iOS devices as seamless as possible.
  • Advanced Perspectives (Pro) – The top level of custom perspectives was previously limited to “All of the following”. You can now also set the top-level group to be “Any of the following” or “None of the following”, matching the functionality that’s available in the OmniFocus 3.0 for Mac.

For more information check out the OmniFocus 3.1 for iOS Release Notes.

Also stay tuned to Learn OmniFocus for more information on how to make productive use of these new features. If you’re not already on our mailing list, take a moment to subscribe. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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