OmniFocus 2.10 for Mac: Inbox in Projects & URL Scheme Enhancements

What's New

Earlier today the Omni Group introduced OmniFocus 2.10 for Mac. In addition to tweaks and bug fixes, this latest update introduces a couple of enhancements.

Inbox in Projects

In OmniFocus 1.x it was possible to display the Inbox in the Projects perspective. Having the Inbox and Projects in the same view can be useful when you’re processing your Inbox, especially if you’re still getting used to your project setup or often create and organize new projects as you process the Inbox.

This same functionality is now available in OmniFocus 2.10 for Mac. It can be enabled by checking “Show Inbox” in the Organization tab of OmniFocus Preferences.

URL Scheme Enhancements

URL schemes are special links that launch an app and invoke specific functionality. This facility can be very useful for automation, especially on iOS.

OmniFocus URLs begin with “omnifocus:///“ and can be used to, for example, switch to a specific perspective and create a new action. The following URL will launch OmniFocus (if it’s not already running) and switch to a custom perspective called “Personal”:


And this one will create a new action called “Order New 10.5-inch iPad Pro”. Note that spaces aren’t permitted in URLs, so “%20” is used as a placeholder.


With the release of OmniFocus 2.10, the Mac now supports the same /add and /paste URLs as OmniFocus for iOS. This opens up some interesting possibilities for cross-platform automation. We’ll be posting a video that shows one such use case shortly.

You’ll find more information on URL Schemes on the Omni Group’s Inside OmniFocus website.

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