Learn OmniFocus Turns ONE


Exactly one year ago today Learn OmniFocus opened its virtual doors with a collection of both free and members-only articles and videos that spanned a range of OmniFocus best practices and features. We’ve expanded this library over the past year, in addition to bringing a live, interactive component to the site through the introduction of our Learn OmniFocus LIVE webinar series.

Thanks for Supporting Our Growth

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to Learn OmniFocus’ growth over the past year by submitting feedback and requests for content and by becoming a paid Learn OmniFocus Member. We currently have members in about forty countries that span six continents. Some people who join are brand new to OmniFocus, others are seasoned OmniFocus power users and many fall somewhere in between.

We have exciting plans for the second year of Learn OmniFocus. Here’s a taste of what to expect.

Learn OmniFocus LIVE

In the short term, we’re looking forward to offering the OmniFocus and the Calendar webinar (June 24, two times available), that will provide best practices and practical workflows for using OmniFocus alongside your calendar. This webinar will also be featuring an upcoming update to Fantastical 2 for Mac that includes some great integration with OmniFocus.

Themes for future webinars include using OmniFocus in collaborative team environments and, inspired by the enthusiastic response to guest appearances by Kourosh Dini and Sven Fechner, we’re planning to invite more OmniFocus gurus to share their wisdom and workflows.

Articles and Videos

We’re also hard at work behind the scenes to expand our library of articles and videos. Using OmniFocus effectively is about more than just learning to use the app, and we have more workflow and best practices articles in the queue that emphasize core productivity principles and best practices. We’ll also help you take advantage of the wonderful improvements that our friends at the Omni Group have been making to OmniFocus on both Mac and iOS, such as the customizable Today extension that was just introduced in OmniFocus 2.2 for Mac.

OmniFocus Directories

Last month we launched the OmniFocus AppleScript Directory, our first step in providing a central repository for some of the best OmniFocus-related AppleScripts on the web. We’re continuing to evaluate new scripts and will be adding those that we’ve found reliable and genuinely useful to our directory. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

We’re also well on our way to launching a directory that includes Mac and iOS apps and web services that support or complement the functionality that OmniFocus provides. This directory will reference content related to third party apps that we’ve already featured on Learn OmniFocus (e.g. Evernote and TaskClone) and will introduce some new content to support you in making the most of these integrations.

Requests for Content Welcome

Whether you’re enjoying our free content or are a paid Learn OmniFocus Member, you’re very welcome to contact us with any requests you have for OmniFocus-related content. We carefully review all of the messages we receive and these requests help steer the topics we cover and the release reschedule for new content.

Thanks again and warm wishes from Vancouver, Canada.

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