FREE Videos: Use OmniFocus with Drag and Drop and Siri on iOS 11

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Today’s release of iOS 11 represents a significant step forward, especially for the iPad. Among other things, Siri is now on speaking terms with some third-party apps. And iOS 11 introduces extensive support for drag and drop.

True to form, the Omni Group is supporting both of these major advances right out of the gate. To help you make the most of this new functionality, we’ve created two videos: Using Drag and Drop with OmniFocus on iOS 11 and Using Siri with OmniFocus on iOS 11. Both videos are available to everyone, free of charge.

Using OmniFocus with Drag and Drop on iOS 11

On both iPhone and iPad, you can now use drag and drop to reorder and group actions within projects and to move actions between projects.

Additionally, you can now drag and drop between OmniFocus and other iPad apps. For example, you can use drag and drop to create an OmniFocus action based on an email you received in the Mail app. And you can block off time to get work done by dragging and dropping OmniFocus actions to the Calendar app. Conveniently, the appointment automatically includes a link to the corresponding OmniFocus action.

Watch the Using Drag and Drop with OmniFocus on iOS 11 video to learn how this works. And stay tuned for more content, including examples of workflows that include OmniFocus and third-party apps.

Using OmniFocus with Siri on iOS 11

Siri can now communicate directly with OmniFocus. Previously it was necessary to set up a Reminders list that linked Siri to OmniFocus, and interactions were very limited.

When you invoke Siri, include “in OmniFocus” at the end of your instructions to direct them to OmniFocus. You can use Siri to perform a variety of actions, including creating actions and projects, marking actions as complete and viewing lists.

Watch the Using Siri with OmniFocus on iOS 11 video to master the basics, and stay tuned for more advanced Siri-related content.

Using Siri with OmniFocus on iOS 11

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