Using OmniFocus and Checklists to Boost Accuracy and Efficiency

Learn why checklists are highly effective and how they can be put to good use in OmniFocus and complementary productivity apps.

Checklists are an essential element of productivity. They help us take a consistent, proactive approach to life and work and can be used to leverage learning from past mistakes, helping ensure that these blunders aren’t repeated.

2021-07-28 - Using OmniFocus and Checklists

In this course, we explore the many ways that checklists can be put to good use. Whether you’re preparing for a trip with your family, making sure that you’re delivering what you promised to your client, or even preparing to perform surgery. We take a deep dive into practicalities, including where to store these lists and how to use OmniFocus to help ensure that they’re given the appropriate amount of attention.

Recommended Prerequisites

Especially if you’re new to OmniFocus, it’s recommended that you go through the Start Smart with OmniFocus 3 course before going through this course. You might also want to watch the recording of the OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics course to get better acquainted with OmniFocus’ more advanced features.