Practicing Holistic Productivity with OmniFocus

Holistic Productivity acknowledges the multifaceted nature of life. Learn the basics of this approach and how to put it into practice using OmniFocus and complementary apps.

Simply put, productivity is all about producing the results that you want, either as an individual or as an organization. Optimal productivity is possible when you look at your projects and actions in the context of the bigger picture of your life and work. Doing so helps ensure that your efforts produce something that’s valuable and that your productivity journey is a fulfilling one.

What is Holistic Productivity?

Holistic Productivity is an approach that was developed by Learn OmniFocus founder, Tim Stringer, based on insights from his 2008 journey through cancer. 

Wheel of Life

This approach acknowledges that all aspects of your life are intimately connected. There’s really no such thing as work life and personal life, there’s just life with all of its facets. Each of these facets impacts the others. And a positive shift in one area tends to have a positive impact on all areas of life. 

Sometimes the area that you’re most drawn to shift gets too much time and attention. For example, if you want to increase your productivity at work, it’s important to note that your effectiveness at work will be influenced in a positive or negative way by, for example, your health. You may find that the key to unlocking your effectiveness at work is to focus on your health (e.g., getting more and better quality sleep at night). Giving work an undue amount of attention could be counterproductive.