Practical Focus with OmniFocus 4

Learn how to choose what to focus on and powerful strategies for stepping into highly productive focus sessions.

Many have referred to the times that we live in as the “age of distraction.” Media, communications and notifications inundate us. At any given moment, we may face a dizzying array of projects and actions to focus on. Without a strategy to deal with this deluge, our default tendency is to procrastinate and to venture off on unproductive paths.

Course Overview

This course emphasizes the importance of developing your ability to focus and provides practical guidance for using OmniFocus and complementary apps. You’ll learn how to use OmniFocus to choose what to focus on, even if there’s a lot you could be working on at any moment. You’ll also learn how to maximize your focus sessions and how complementary apps and services can help.

Recommended Prerequisites

It’s recommended that you complete the Start Smart with OmniFocus 4 and OmniFocus 4: Beyond the Basics courses before taking this course. Collectively, these two courses cover virtually every OmniFocus feature on Mac, iPhone, iPad and the Web.