Managing Someday/Maybe with OmniFocus 3

Someday/Maybe lists are for things that catch your attention and aren’t immediately actionable. Learn practical ways to organize and manage these lists using OmniFocus and complementary apps.

This course is all about managing someday/maybe lists at a practical level and how you can use OmniFocus to ensure that these lists are reviewed periodically.

While someday/maybe lists can be stored in OmniFocus, it may be more practical to store at least some of these lists outside of OmniFocus. We’ll explore a variety of different scenarios so that you can determine what works best for you.

Managing Someday/Maybe with OmniFocus 3

Capturing, Organizing, and Getting Creative

As you process items that you’ve captured into your productivity system, you’ll inevitably encounter things that are not ready for action. This could include something as simple as an idea for a blog post to lofty dreams such as building a beautiful home by the sea or starting a new company.

It’s important to have one or more places to keep track of all of the stuff that you want to revisit in the future.

It’s equally important that you be intentional about reviewing these future aspirations. If your psyche trusts that you’re going to look at what you’ve captured on a regular basis, you’ll likely find that you’ll have a greater capacity to focus on current projects and actions without pie-in-the-sky ideas stealing your mental focus.

As you review what you’ve captured you can tap into your innate creativity and let your imagination soar. You’ll decide what to keep, what is ripe for further exploration and what to remove from the list. If you find you accumulate more ideas than you’re likely to be able to accomplish in a lifetime, it might be time to give some away and/or start to think about expanding your team.

Recommended Prerequisites

Especially if you’re new to OmniFocus, it’s recommended that you go through the Start Smart with OmniFocus 3 course before this course. You might also want to watch the recording of the OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics course to better acquainted with OmniFocus’ more advanced features.