Creating Structure in OmniFocus 3

Clarify why you’re using OmniFocus and learn how to structure your setup for ease, focus, and efficiency.

Course Overview

Whether you’re just getting started with OmniFocus or are revamping your current setup, it’s worth taking some time to clarify what purpose OmniFocus serves and to create a convenient and consistent structure that mirrors your multi-faceted life.

OmniFocus can be configured in a multitude of ways. Having a flexible app can be highly advantageous, and it can also be a bit daunting. Additionally, sometimes OmniFocus gets used for things that it isn’t particularly well suited for and ends up becoming overloaded with information.

This course is all about clarifying OmniFocus’ purpose and developing a strategy for configuring it in a way that’s clear, consistent, and convenient.

Creating Structure in OmniFocus 3